I am Jaime (Haimēh) Quirarte, Design Researcher and Strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently work as a consultant for LinkedIn helping job seekers around the globe navigate through the challenges of the Great Reshuffle.

I grew up in Guadalajara, the land of tequila, mariachi, and great food. In my free time, I love building community, connecting with people and learning about the hidden secrets of our world. In a past life, I was a bartender at some of the best bars in the world.


My background in business and entrepreneurship, my degree in Interaction Design, and my experience as a User Researcher make me a unique Strategist and Problem-Solver. My inquisitive and discerning nature allows me to look beyond the obvious and connect the dots between seemingly disconnected areas.

Living and working in three countries, traveling around the world and starting multiple companies has provided me with a unique problem-solving skillset.


I am a natural-born mediator. I am patient, highly perceptive, and approachable. These traits facilitate conversations to build trust and resolve conflict.


Founded Jolgorio, the first Latina/x/o Design Community in the San Francisco Bay Area, focused on putting the spotlight on Creatives and their trajectories while providing resources and building connections.


Started and managed businesses in tourism, education, and hospitality. No matter the environment or location, I was always laser-focused on solving problems and creating the best possible user experience.


Raised my own funds to pay for college and graduated with honors from the Interaction Design program at California College of the Arts as an international student.




Founder, Design Community for Latinx


Owner, Neighborhood Bar in Mexico


Founder, Web3 Art Project


"Jaime is a critical thinker, passionate designer, and an extremely personable co-worker and friend. Working with and managing Jaime was a delight, filled with insightful thought, careful analysis, and dedication to results and truth. Jaime worked on a number of projects that ranged from moderating and designing research studies and user tests, to creating internal product videos to present to top stakeholders. He was a great asset to our design team, and brought with him new and fresh perspectives to approach our designs and end result products. Jaime is a valuable asset to any organization, and I look forward to watching his career grow." 

BRANDON RAMOS  / Design Manager at Facebook


"Jaime was a joy to work with! He always brought great ideas to the table, like new ways of holding a synthesis workshop or fresh approaches to design research methods. He worked incredibly well with the team and found time to do things outside of his job description. He was proactive and driven-- two traits that I hold highly in teams that I manage. I think he will be an asset to any team he joins."

PAIGE BENNETT  / Design Research Manager at Dropbox


"Jaime is one of the most passionate, educated, and inspiring designers to be around. His design sense is among some of the best I've seen. In addition, he has an entrepreneurial spirit that I believe is one of his greatest strengths. Jaime has constantly approached every project here with timeliness and enthusiasm. I would work with Jaime again in a heartbeat."

JEFF FLEYSHMAN  / Product Designer at Grubhub