Translating the success of in-person weight loss support groups to an online experience.

This was a three month project in 2015 at WW (previously Weight Watchers) in which I evaluated the efficacy and performance of current online member support systems to uncover opportunities and pain points.


Determine why WW Members were underutilizing available online support systems along their weight loss journey.


  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Persona Workshop
  • Foundational Research
  • Diary Studies
  • Research Analysis


As much as leadership wanted to focus on the online coaching effort, research showed that users preferred support from their peers. The results of this study resulted in a pivot in Product Strategy focused on building a supportive online community called "Connect".

CONNECT Evolution

The Experience


These research findings later translated into product features that contributed toward a significant boost in annual growth of paid subscribers, the highest in the company's history.